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dominatrix vivienne veinne

Seduction is not about overpowering, but about understanding and captivating.”

 A professional In the art of control and empowerment. A beautiful intelligent Dominatrix who invites you into a world that transcends the mundane. 

My approach to domination goes beyond  mere infliction of pain. Yes  I certainly wield whips with expertise if desired, there are many shades to my dominance.  


Some experiences may delve into the darker, more intense realms of submission, while others are imbued with a lighter, more worship-oriented dynamics. 

In my realm, domination is not solely about exerting power; it's about creating a space where trust, exploration, and mutual satisfaction intertwine. With me, you'll find a skilled mistress who understands the nuances of your desires and guides you through a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.


If you're ready to explore the depths of your desires with a dominatrix who balances fierceness with compassion, then look no further.


how will you please me?

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how do you like to serve?

​Do you seek a safe haven to explore the depths of your darkest fantasies, entering the euphoric state of subspace?


Through unwavering devotion… expressing your love through acts of servitude, eagerly embracing and fulfilling my every command, enriching my existence as your mistress.

Perhaps your desires encompass sexual gratification, craving the exhilaration of being used for my pleasure, or the thrill of being humiliated and degraded 

Alternatively, you might seek personal development, viewing our encounters as transformative experiences that push the boundaries of your comfort zone and foster growth.

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